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About Us

Bespoke Renovations is a Sydney-based company that has been providing home builds and renovations to homeowners in the area since 2014. We believe in offering the best possible service to our clients, and we pride ourselves on always using the latest building and design technologies and techniques. This gives us the ability to deliver even the most difficult projects on time and within budget.


Our mission is to provide homeowners across the Sydney area with a licensed contractor that they can trust with their home. 


History of Bespoke Renovations


Founded in 2014, Bespoke Renovations hit the ground running with multiple projects lined up for renovations in Sydney, including a multi-storey building with retail shops and 25 apartments. We were armed with knowledge and skills that we’ve learned through the years. With our strong team of members, from interior designers to architects and contractors, you can trust that they know how to deliver. 


Since our inception, we have been able to work on single-home renovations, multiplex buildings, and new build homes. With every project we tackle, our clients walk away completely satisfied upon completion.


Products and services


We have done a wide variety of projects, from brand-new builds to high-rise developments. We routinely offer home renovations in Sydney, but we don’t stop there. Our list of services includes:


  • Alterations & additions — Alter or add on to any property to create a tailored space that updates your home and makes it more modern and comfortable.


  • New construction — If you’ve just acquired a new parcel of land, building a new home on it can be the perfect way to create the oasis you desire.


  • Kitchen & bathroom renovation — Add value to your home by updating your tired kitchen or bathroom. Enjoy all the new modern perks that come with a refreshed and revitalised room.


  • Terrace renovations — For many people, their terrace is their escape, but through time and with the help of the Australian elements, terraces start looking weary. Recreate your outdoor space and turn it into something you love again.


  • Design & construct projects — If you already have existing plans but aren’t sure who to turn to, let us help. We can take your plans and give you the home of your dreams.


With the help of Bespoke Renovations, revitalise your tired or neglected property and create a more comfortable, modern space for everyone in your home to enjoy.


Bespoke Renovation partners


We work with a wide variety of trusted architects and interior designers for our home renovations in Sydney, North Shore and the surrounding area. Our partners have worked closely with us on quite a few of our projects over the years. If you’d like to see some of the work we’ve done together, check out our portfolio, and if you see something you like, let us know!


Locally owned


Bespoke Renovations is locally owned and operated. Because we are from Sydney, we understand the ever-changing construction market in this area. We’ve been doing renovations in Sydney and the surrounding area for a long time and have experience working with vendors and partners in this area. We know the processes for getting approvals, and we know how to help homeowners get the best home they can.


Contact us



PH: 1800 BESPOKE (1800 237765)

Connect with us on Facebook and Instagram.

ABN: 46602362952


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