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Renovation Services

Bespoke Renovations have recently undertaken many renovation projects around Sydney's lower north shore, choosing to revitalise tired and neglected homes  with the aim of creating comfortable, practical and modern environments for all of the family to enjoy.


Whether we are merging the old with the new, adapting designs  to difficult sites or a simple makeover, a Bespoke Renovation will enhance the value of your most important asset.


In order to retain the character of an existing home, the choice to alter and add to any property can result in the creation of a tailored space to suit any modern living situation.


Whether it be the construction of a granny flat, 2nd level addition or creation of additional indoor and outdoor living spaces, the team at Bespoke Renovations are experts in alterations and additions.

Alterations & Additions

A new home can provide the perfect solution to enjoying all that a modern designed home can provide on that favourite parcel of land that you may have lived at for many years or just recently acquired.


Bespoke Renovations work with some of Sydney's leading house and landscape architects as well as recognised interior designers who can provide a complete solution for any home requirements you may desire.

New Construction

The creation of a new kitchen or bathroom can revitalise any home that wishes to enjoy all the modern perks that Bespoke Renovations can provide. We are experts in providing a hassle free removal of that old and tired kitchen and bathroom and creating a design and build that will accommodate all your daily needs.


The investment in a new kitchen or bathroom will add immense value to any home. Our 10 Year Workmanship Guarantee will ensure you have peace of mind when engaging Bespoke Renovations for your kitchen and bathroom project.

Kitchens & Bathrooms

Bespoke Renovations can work from your existing plans to construct your next project. Alternatively, we can recommend some of Sydney's leading Architects and Interior Designers who can create a custom design to meet all your requirements.


At Bespoke Renovations, we can deal with the most difficult of sites or restrictions that may exist. It is our aim to provide the complete solution.

Design & Construct
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