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How To Maximise Storage In A Small Kitchen

Having a small kitchen doesn’t mean compromising your storage. You can make the most of every inch of your space with the right small kitchen designs and a dash of creativity. In this blog, we’re happy to share our small kitchen designs to help you maximise your space.

Top 10 small kitchen designs to make the most of your space

1. Declutter and purge

Before you brainstorm ways to organise your kitchen, start by decluttering. Get rid of all the items you no longer use or need. Donate or discard duplicate utensils that collect dust, broken appliances, expired food items or mismatched containers to free up valuable space.

2. Use smaller kitchen appliances

Why buy big, bulky kitchen appliances that take up space when there are smaller, space-saving solutions? Undercounter or in-built microwaves make it easy to heat your meals without taking up the kitchen bench space. Better yet, a combination microwave and convection oven will save space or a compact blender to stow away when not in use.

3. Optimise your cabinet space with pullout storage

Installing pullout shelves or drawers will utilise awkward cabinet space to help you easily reach items in the back. After all, there’s nothing worse than reaching far back into the nooks and crannies of your cabinet. This small kitchen design allows you to stack all your bulky pots, pans, dinnerware and containers in a far more accessible way.

4. Install open shelving

Open shelving solutions are a must-have small kitchen design to elevate a blank wall space into an innovative storage zone to balance your storage and decor equally. The possibilities are endless with open shelving units, from dishware to cookbooks, spices and cascading Devil’s Ivy or succulents for a pop of colour. You can even add hooks at the bottom of the shelf to hang mugs or other utensils.

5. Use walls for knife storage

Struggling with minimal drawer space? Why not install a wall-mounted magnetic strip to keep your favourite knife set within arm's reach? This minimalist kitchen design leaves your kitchen bench clutter-free so you can easily lay down your chopping board to prepare your next meal and have plenty of space for your everyday kitchen appliances.

6. Use dividers to organise your cabinets and drawers

It’s easy for your cabinets to fill up and become cluttered. Make the most of your cabinet space using shelf organisers and stacking shelves. Install hooks inside cabinet doors to hang small items like measuring spoons or oven mitts. Pull-out baskets are a great addition for easy access to pots and pans.

7. Opt for vertical solutions

Vertical storage is a game-changing small kitchen design. Hanging baskets or tiered shelves will hold your fruits, vegetables and other kitchen essentials. You can affix a pegboard to a blank wall or the inside of a tall cabinet door to hang your kitchen supplies, from pots and pans to chopping boards and measuring cups and spoons. Opting for a matching theme like rose gold or silver pans will add aesthetic value to your kitchen.

8. Invest in multifunctional furniture

When brainstorming small kitchen designs, opting for furniture that serves multiple purposes is in your best interest. After all, with minimal space at your disposal, you don’t have space to waste!

A small kitchen island with built-in shelves or drawers will provide much-needed extra storage space to maintain a neat kitchen. A folding table or collapsible dining set is perfect if your living room is on the smaller side too. That way, your dining area can remain versatile when not in use. Perhaps you need the space for a study!

9. Get creative with your pantry organisation

While tossing your pantry items loosely in your pantry may be tempting, that method will soon become a nightmare when locating your canned goods and other ingredients. You’re bound to forget what items you have and when they will soon expire. Or, they may even collect dust at the back of your cupboard.

Organise your pantry by grouping similar items, such as canned goods in one area, oats and cereals in another and nuts and snacks in another section. Clear storage containers or jars will create a uniform aesthetic and make it easy to spot your pantry items at first glance.

We suggest incorporating bins or baskets to tidy snacks, cans and packets. Maintaining a clean and tidy space is easy when there's a place for everything.

10. Design a small kitchen island

A small kitchen design can make it hard to have enough bench space for your appliances and to prep meals. A small kitchen island may be just what you need for ample cooking space so your daily kitchen appliances can remain in place on your kitchen bench. If space is extra tight, you can use a kitchen island on casters to roll out of the way when entertaining guests or during clean-up.

Trust the experts at Bespoke Renovations to create a minimalist kitchen design to suit your needs

With these clever small kitchen design solutions and organisation tips, you can transform your small kitchen into a practical and enjoyable space to cook and entertain in style and comfort.

Embrace creativity and make the most of every nook and cranny with our expert renovators at Bespoke Renovations by your side to keep your kitchen clutter-free. Our renovators have been renovating kitchens and bathrooms and making alterations and additions to homes since 2014 and have plenty of experience renovating small kitchens to an optimised space.

If you have any questions or are ready to take your kitchen to the next level,contactour team, who would be happy to assist you or arrange a free consultation.

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