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Incorporating Smart Home Technology Into Your Renovation

Wen undertaking a home renovation in Sydney, there’s more to consider than changing the location of your bathroom, updating architraves and choosing between various paint swatches. It’s designing a home that responds to your lifestyle — and for many Australians switching between smartphones, laptops and internet-enabled appliances, it means planning your home around your digital life.

From monitoring security and pets left indoors, controlling lighting and ambient temperature to triggering various appliances to start their cycle and promoting improved energy efficiency, smart home technology is changing how we utilise our devices and connect with our living spaces.

Incorporating the Internet of Things (IoT) into your home involves more than adding a virtual assistant speaker to your benchtops — it requires you to plan your Sydney renovation to adapt to new technologies that are yet to be released so you can future-proof your home. In our blog, we’ll break down why you need smart technologies in your home, list the devices you should consider and how homeowners, landlords and property managers can integrate IoT into their residences. Read on to learn how to incorporate technology more naturally into your home.

How the Internet of Things can transform your home

  • Superior convenience — When everything is an app, you can enjoy remote access to your home’s utilities with total control of your home’s lighting, ducted air conditioning and appliances. With more oversight, you can trigger appliances to prepare for your arrival home or confirm everything is switched off to prevent energy wastage.

While maintaining several apps or kitting your home with either Google’s Nest, Apple’s HomePod or Amazon’s range of Alexa Echo devices can be cumbersome, a quality home renovator can recommend an easy-to-use hub that conveniently combines all the necessary functions for centralised control.

  • Energy savings — Living in a city blessed with sprawling beaches and green parkland gives you more opportunities to get outside and bathe under the sun. Take advantage of the city’s position and utilise smart home technology to automate your house’s functions, from motorised blinds and curtain tracks that can be timed to open during the day to maximise natural daylight to enjoying remote access to your lighting to ensure none have been left on and forgotten.

You can also create a personalised schedule for your ducted air conditioning to switch on at specific times and temperature ranges. Whether you're planning a home conversion or renovation in Sydney, a qualified contractor can assist you in designing a smart home system that adapts to your lifestyle without sacrificing comfort and helps lower utility bills.

  • Improved home security — Maintaining peace of mind for your household is everyone’s biggest priority. By investing in smart home technology, you can secure your family with smart doorbell cameras that can be viewed from central intercoms or your smartphone and smart locks that record visitors and notify you of entry doors opening.

Another choice for recording activity inside your home without putting your family under surveillance and preserving privacy is a smart sensor device like Minut. With a compact and discreet build that can be installed in minutes, it enables you to monitor your home for cigarette smoke and high noise levels and track the number of people in the room — allowing you to secure your home while you’re away on extended holidays or to watch over teenagers left home alone.

  • A comprehensive entertainment system — Controlling your TV and home theatre system from your phone is convenient, but for an impressive level of connectivity, you can use a smart speaker system to design an audio experience in every room of the house. This can include maintaining synchronised audio production in every room for an immersive, lag-free experience to isolating rooms to allow each person to air their own music. Or, for more intuitive control, select smart speaker systems that can isolate audio to the rooms you’re in and follow you around to minimise disturbance to your neighbours.

  • Connected appliances — Life gets busy between work, home and running errands, but it doesn’t have to feel like it. The Internet of Things can help to streamline your home life by giving you remote access to your appliances and saving you time, cutting down steps when completing chores.

Whether it’s setting your oven to preheat while you’re commuting home or smart fridges that allow you to peek inside while providing a display to record notes, manage your family’s calendar or broadcast cooking shows while you’re whipping up a storm. Or, eliminate time-consuming chores with a robot vacuum and mop that can be scheduled to activate at certain times to leave you with a spotless floor.

Bespoke Renovations — the industry leader for home renovations in Sydney

When it comes to planning, designing and crafting a home conversion or renovation that exceeds your expectations, Bespoke Renovations is your best partner to achieve the home of your dreams. From the very start, our expert team will take you by the hand to collaborate with you and understand your vision so you can enjoy every advantage of smart and connected home automation.

Contact us today to source the services of fully insured builders who perform every project according to your budget and schedule. We’ll guide you on smart home technologies that are easy to use and maintain privacy, data security and compatibility with your devices, as well as plan for recesses to cater for outlets and cabling. Whatever you’re looking for in a home renovation in Sydney, talk to our team and we’ll take care of every detail.

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